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Kanye West wedding ring; does it match his personality?


Not widely known as a subtle man, the choice for the Kanye West wedding ring comes as quite a surprise. To be completely frank, I believe that Kanye’s choice of a basic gold wedding band, is actually one of the few times he has chosen to opt for understated simplicity in the public eye.  And not surprisingly, it’s really quite endearing.

Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian’s wedding bands were custom-made by Kim’s favourite jewelery designer Lorraine Schwartz. Kanye’s band is a matching version to Kim’s handmade diamond wedding band, but in gold.

Hopefully Kanye’s wedding band also cost a fraction of the price if Kim’s engagement ring is anything to go by, valued by NY Daily News at $8 Million).

Geez, Yeezy!






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David Beckham’s wedding ring; is it bigger than yours?


David Beckham is well known for living large. His collection of wedding rings is probably worth as much as the home that I live in. And yep, I said ‘collection of wedding rings’.

The David Beckham wedding ring story

The glamour couple, The Beckhams, have a unique and somewhat unconventional perspective on the humble wedding ring. Both Victoria and David have amassed a vast range of wedding rings to suit every mood, trend and outfit, just as though their wedding rings were designer sneakers or fancy sports cars.

While Victoria is rumoured to have 13 different wedding rings, David has selected quality over quantity, with a meagre 4-5 wedding rings to choose from.

A simple favorite David Beckham wedding ring is the platinum wedding band pictured below.



When he and Victoria married in 1999, the footballer wore a platinum band studded with square-cut diamonds.  This ring is the Ferrari of wedding rings – there’s not just one diamond, there’s four rows of these bad boys.




Maybe this your excuse to buy more than one wedding ring, just to make sure you are prepared for every occasion!

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Chris Hemsworth wedding ring, he wears it so proudly


No doubt he breaks a couple of hearts by doing this, but the Australian-born Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth wears his solid silver wedding ring with conviction.  (If you’re not quite sure who Chris Hemsworth is, take a moment to check out the movie Thor; he’s obscenely ripped, and when he’s off the movie set, he’s also an obscenely likable and unassuming Aussie bloke).

Sure, he has every reason to wear his wedding ring loud and proud, being married to the beautiful Elsa Pataky and all. But ever since his wedding back in 2010, we’ve struggled to find a moment when this former Home and Away star has been photographed without his chunky silver wedding band on hand. Check out Chris Hemsworth wedding ring below:


We’ll put Chris’s loyal demeanor down to his humble country upbringing on cattle stations in the Northern Territory.

Hats off to you, Mr Hemsworth. Well played son.


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Why Choose Titanium for Mens Rings

Like aged oak barrels, our products are designed to be raw and rugged, built to withstand the elements and stand the test of time. For this reason, we have selected pure, premium-grade titanium as the ideal the precious metal to build our entire range. In comparison to traditional precious metals such as gold and silver, titanium wins every arm-wrestle, due to its superior characteristics in dent, bend and scratch resistance.

Over the years your ring will weather better than you will, even when worn every day in the salt, in sun, in the paddock and in the bar. It is built to last, and to be passed down through the generations to come.

Our rings makes no enemies. Our premium titanium is 100% hypoallergenic, and therefore will not irritate or discolour skin like most other metals can. Mr Wedding Ring’s premium metalwork is the ultimate choice for the modern man.

What is Titanium?

Titanium is a natural element, and in fact, is the hardest natural metal in the world. Being extremely light-weight, and radically stronger than gold or silver, it is a truly magnificent and luxurious metal. In its pure form, titanium is hypoallergenic, meaning that anyone can wear it without risk of allergy or reaction.

What grade of Titanium do we use?

We use 99.9% pure premium-grade titanium. Our titanium is pure as pure can be.

How is Titanium hypoallergenic?

Unlike other metals, pure titanium does not react to sunlight, salt water or anything that the body emits. It is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free, and therefore will never cause skin irritation or discolouration. We use pure titanium with confidence knowing that gentleman can wear it without the concern of an adverse reaction. The only reaction you deserve, is from the fairer species.

Can Titanium rings scratch?

The silver surface of your titanium ring will not fade or chip. Although it is a very strong metal, in somecircumstances, your titanium ring may become scratched.  Scratches may be particularly evident in a new ring, particularly our highly polished models, but as the ring is worn it develop a natural, even satin patina over the entire surface.

Titanium in not quite the same colour throughout the entire depth of the metal. The colour of our titanium rings is not a paint, plate or pigment. The colour in our titanium rings is caused by oxidisation. Though highly unlikely, if your titanium ring becomes severely scratched, your local jeweller can polish and reoxidise your ring at minimal cost. Minor scratches in polished titanium can easily be removed with a cream metal polish.

Can Titanium rings be engraved?


(Please note, that if you choose to have your titanium ring engraved, the guarantee and return policy for that ring will become void since we will be unable to re-sell your personalised ring.)

Can Titanium rings be resized?

As titanium cannot be soldered, it means that our titanium rings cannot be resized.

We suggest that you have your finger sizes checked by a local jeweler before you order to confirm your finger size. Alternatively you may choose to print out our ring size guide and match our ring sizes against your existing jewelry.