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David Beckham’s wedding ring; is it bigger than yours?


David Beckham is well known for living large. His collection of wedding rings is probably worth as much as the home that I live in. And yep, I said ‘collection of wedding rings’.

The David Beckham wedding ring story

The glamour couple, The Beckhams, have a unique and somewhat unconventional perspective on the humble wedding ring. Both Victoria and David have amassed a vast range of wedding rings to suit every mood, trend and outfit, just as though their wedding rings were designer sneakers or fancy sports cars.

While Victoria is rumoured to have 13 different wedding rings, David has selected quality over quantity, with a meagre 4-5 wedding rings to choose from.

A simple favorite David Beckham wedding ring is the platinum wedding band pictured below.



When he and Victoria married in 1999, the footballer wore a platinum band studded with square-cut diamonds.  This ring is the Ferrari of wedding rings – there’s not just one diamond, there’s four rows of these bad boys.




Maybe this your excuse to buy more than one wedding ring, just to make sure you are prepared for every occasion!

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